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"addadded a artists wearing I applied to... I am over the abscess thing,, over the flu,, over uti, however my lower back l5s1 herniated disc is acting up why bloody hell I don't dddon'kdddon'know but it is so walking has been two arm crutches and slow and waiting for approval of catscan to see f its gotten worse or what it is doing but it bloody hits a year ago I cracked it and felt similar so sigh ...but hoping to get to doing stuff again in may been out of commission few months with the weird abscess knot thing and 3 sets of antibiotics set of prednisone and three er tips now I don't want to be in hospital er for a good while let's leave t at that... so look to may for more things ....


"fixed the page for VIEWS from likes that was a mistake oops but its is now right ... and my website has made the second goal of 20,000 views and 30 more so onto the next goal 30,000 views that is more than i have ever had but i am so happy yay!!!! keep the views coming... I will try to get at least more favorites stuff up this coming week and maybe more coding done on Pick A rune cards don't think i will finish that code though still got bugs to work out in it so that may not be done til Varch but More on Favorites and Blinkies and Stickers and such under the About Me and probably add some stuff on the SCA Stuff ... so you know more about that hobby of mine you can check that out at if you want ... or go to you tube and google Pennsic that happens every year... gives you a small idea ... basically its historical fun with personas and any culture or time period up to the 1600's renact those times my persona is RUS VIKING from 11thcentury in Kyiv ... "


"ok added a new follower the other day and now i worked on organizing more layout to the About Me page and added some things i do with game mod stuff...neck is still bothering me pretty bad, cold is getting better, on neck the muscles need more PT which i am working on they are so sore and inflammation on back of neck is awful but the nerve block helps so much yet the trade off is the shot spots hurting now for a week ow going on two weeks with knots so turning head brushing hair or laying down is hard as hell so i am not getting much sleep so doing website stuff is kinda at a snails pace i will get there but maybe after march for major stuff like the pick a rune code .... sigh but so much stuff going on that is all i can do ... so creating images for mods and minor LUA code is sometimes ok... just ow... is all i can say on it and on strong pain meds as well as trying to clean haha... so major work probably March now..."


"added new followers to the list of followers and i spent a entire day the other day working on cyrstalball to not get the code running cus having issues with the triangle to lay in right spot i will keep at it another day but today is just followers cus sinuses bugging me so may have cold rsv is going around so hoping its not that but ugh... but i did get the nerve block i been waiting for it seems for forever so some relief is better than none at this point so maybe future will have more stuff being done i don't know... but i add follower buttons... today"


"added photos on photography page more to come and added some blinkies i liked and stickers if i find more i like i will add as i go... still need to work on code for pick a rune"


"adding new followers been dealing with a mild headache today and didnt sleep well last night so not doing much today but the followers more another day ... if you want to see my site layout differently on the moblie layout go to three dots on android click the desktop site box it will change the layout i am working on ways to make it mobile friendly tablet friendly iphone and android in the future but may not get to that today ... added folders to put stuff up in favs spot like photos for photography page and blinkies/stickers stuff that will be on favs page arm tendinitis acting up so i am done for day maybe few uhoh... it happens lately... i deal with it ... have a good day!'


"Changed the front page because the hover in tables were not working right and so i found a slidehover with buttons and so added that will check on mobile layout but workds for desktop and changed the followers buttons to have there rows without a hover image getting in the way... added the like goals button and page for how many likes my page has gotten and the goal to be reached next will be added as i go forward... added likes button and moved the UPDATE LOG to the bottom of page... after alot of reworking i got it to work and on the mobile the buttons just go down the center it will have to do ... goodnight oh my its 11:38pm now ... "


"added support ukraine gif and link to my favorites in about me page... and a new follower button and link there are four more but i will do that on jan 2nd next update will be working on the pick a rune page to get that working with code and all probably start on jan 1 and 2 "


"added new folllowers thanks for following on neocities and changed the tarot cards to the ones i am colouring to the pick a card page and will have UPDATES HERE! this is the first update log record :P " "Also changed the gif button link to be a textarea so people can copy it and use it ! "